Guide for Errors


- Error [2]: Cannot receive date from server

    Need to send your key to me with screenshot of error on Discord: Sicco#3293

- Error [3]: Cannot receive data from server

  • This is 9/10 times due to you having antivirus/firewall/windows defender/spoofer/vpn on

  • In other words , something is blocking the loader from reaching the servers

  • All antivirus must be disabled. Even antivirus software like McAfee or Norton. Also Riot Vanguard could creating this error as well. UNINSTALL IT

  • Any sort of "Incorrect Activision Account" error , make a support ticket with screenshot of error and your key

- Software is Frozen
      Means Developer turned the software off temporarily. This means all keys are frozen.

- If the loader never makes it to the second part, where you would choose option 1) or 2) for ultimate key

      Time Sync is off , use this link and it'll 9/10 fix the problem.

- If a white box pops and it just says "2"

   If youre using a virtual machine you'll get this error. It WILL NOT work on VMs. 

   If you're not using a VM, do this:
          - Run cmd as admin
          - Type...     bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
          - Restart PC

- If you're experiencing the loader getting stuck on Loader Update Found.. Downloading

    Usually downloading fresh loader can fix this , if not.. this could also be antivirus/firewall related.